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Feb 24, 2005



Excuse me, but Ms. Posey was the best thing about the whole show! She is the mostest.


If you mean the mostest hair then I'm not gonna argue. But if you mean some other kind of mostest then you're going to have to elaborate.


...this Parker lover thinks that one can appreciate the simple elegance of Parker, the pause, the side-ways look, and then the dropping of the line, quietly, in a round-about as if she was uncertain of what she was saying until the last word in the sentence drops and you know she is dead on. It is the ability to deliver a deadly sarcastic line followed immediately with an insightful wisdom that turns you sense of her 180 degrees. It is the capacity to deliver a CHARACTER to the stage and screen that separates her from the shallow, simplistic screen stars of the day. She can ACT. And, she looks so great in eskimo wear!

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Maybe Parker Posey is going to be hosting / acting in another Bravo program. All of their shows are so in bed with each other...to the point where you get the Queer Eyes and Yvonne Scio at the Project Runway show. Wondering who Yvonne Scio is? Um...yeah...she's Rocco DiSpirito's gf...or ex gf... but ALWAYS being thrown in front of the camera at Bravo events. Rocco DiSpirito is the ass...I mean chef from "The Restaurant" and hot as shit.... & was also on a Bravo show (The Restaurant). Somewhere, off camera, Jonathan Antin was crying and throwing a sink at his assistant Kimberly.


Parker Posey's career is ready for TV. Ouch. When she appeared on PR she never even got in a good line. Booring.


How can everyone be so wrong about Parker? Long ago, in the land before the Weinstein bros, Parker made movies fun again. Really fun. Whenever I see someone in a really, really hot Jackie-O suit, I think of Parker. Now am I supposed to be reduced to seeing her on Celebrity Boxing (against Sean Young no doubt) and having some weird hair fetish about her? I miss my Party Girl! Parker come home!


man, i've loved me some miss posey in my time. even spawned an unfortunate phase of irreverent lady friends. but let's face it kids, she lost her edge when she quit the booger sugar and checked into betty ford. didn't we all?

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