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Feb 24, 2005



Despite my love of Kara Saun (which dimmed a bit last night with her antics), Jay was always my favorite to win.

I really liked his collection and he always struck me as the most artistic and functional of the bunch.

Val Seabury

I was glad to see Jay take it all. I really liked Kara's line but thought the shoe issue was over the line. I would of liked to see Austin be in the final 3.


I am so flabbergasted by the Austin Scarlett show! He clearly deserved to show more than Wendy "Iago" Pepper, but how bizarre that the producers gave him the $ to make clothes, put him on the runway then cut him out of the finale.

Hooray for Jay - his collection was far more inspired than Kara Saun's. Her projects during the show seemed more creative than her final line.


Vilkommen LAist kuhle zicklein!

jenny lynn

i didn't like wendy. didn't like her obsession with strategy. what a paranoid little woman... and her collection was very... uninteresting. it looked too "store bought." i wish austin had had a real show... with the time and money the other three got. he would have blown everyone away. kara saun's show was a let down: a.) the shoe business was sketchy. she should have paid a reasonable price for the shoes. b.) her show was a huge cliche. it looked like movie costuming.
JAY!!!! wow. he's f-ing brilliant. i knew i liked him but his show kicked some major fashion arse! YEAH! i can't wait to buy a from the jay mc carroll line!


Hi Jenny,

Hey, check it out: Austin Scarlett did have a show at Olympus fashion week.

What do you think?



If anyone is interested I am making a tribute page off of our Lehman, Pa. site for Jay.


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